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Reflections by Nick Hutchins, Secondary Principal:  

Nick Hutchins, Principal

Greetings to the Cordell School Community!

The past four weeks has been extremely busy working with some energetic educators. I am convinced that in my almost 20 years in education, Cordell Secondary School has some of the best people I have ever worked with. Starting with our support staff, our maintenance and custodial staff ensure our building and grounds are spotless and clean for the beginning of our day with almost 300 students. They are dedicated and take pride in their work. Our wonderful cooks, all five of them put out some really good food, and a variety of food to ensure wholesome and hearty meals are served. Our secretaries are constantly busy taking care of phone calls, parents either picking up or dropping off their child, and taking care of a myriad of duties that without them, Mr. Pankhurst and I would be swamped with extra duties that take a considerable amount of time to accomplish. Everyone’s dedication and devotion to student success is impeccable!

Our admin team (principal, assistant principal, curriculum director, special education director, and counselor) have worked diligently together working toward one common goal – Student Achievement! They have done a tremendous job keeping me afloat and apprised of the daily life of Cordell Secondary School happenings. Without their direction, I would be like a ship without a rudder. They are incredible people with intelligence with a heart and passion for student achievement. Our coaches are incredible individuals who I see putting in many hours ensuring athletes are getting the conditioning, and fully developed skills in their perspective sports. Finally, there are our 26 teachers whom I have seen in action, and I can truly tell you that they go above and beyond in the classroom with their classroom management and instructional effectiveness ensuring students are fully engaged and actively involved in the lesson plan.

My goal over the past four weeks as I told the board of education in our last board meeting was centered on team building, morale, and comradery. We have awarded over 40 acts of kindness to students that have demonstrated going the extra mile by assisting teachers and support staff with numerous projects. Local businesses such as Edward Jones, Molly’s Doughnuts, Dairy King, Sonic, Tractor Supply, Subway, Shorty Bauman’s, Sunshine Café, and Rios have all pitched in by donating gift certificates as a way of appreciation toward our staff, faculty, and students. Without the community involvement in the school, we would be just a school, and not a community-driven school as we are.  We are recognizing teachers for their diligence by designating Fridays as “Sonic Blast Away Friday.” Jordan, the manager at Sonic delivered over 14 drinks early in the morning to charge up our teachers, and a teacher’s name is drawn to determine which teacher gets a free hour to take care of additional planning, while the principal substitutes their class.  September 1 begins our “Senior of the Month” program. This program is designed to recognize the senior who has the highest grade for the month, high attendance, low tardy situations, no discipline issues, and involvement in school sports, clubs, and community efforts. Seniors who tie will be interviewed by the admin team to determine who sold themselves the best to the team. The winner gets a generous variety of gifts, designated parking with the staff, a month of weekend free passes to the movies, and a limousine ride with other three friends to dinner out on the weekend. Our generous givers to this program is Richard and Karrie Varner.

Our next goal for the secondary school is to start a “Character Education” campaign to draw attention to students who are “doing what is right.” Character traits such as dedication, commitment, respect, honesty, integrity, care, and community involvement will be the focus.

In my role as athletic director, we have been working diligently by improving our area around the football stadium. We will have some mascot flags flying over the home bleachers and a large C placed in the middle of the field for homecoming as well. We are proud of our stadium, and we’re making efforts to keep this area looking immaculate.

Finally, Tractor Supply, Inc. was involved in a beatification project where they donated approximately $5,000 of materials and labor to enhance the outside of our high school with a paved seating area around the flagpole, freshly mulched areas around the north of the high school building and around the FFA building by planting shrubs, flowers, and bushes. There were about 15 individuals from Tractor Supply, the school, friends, and family members who assisted in this community effort. It definitely gave our school grounds a great facelift. Thanks to those who were part of this great community project.  Thank you Kevin Hougland!

Nick Hutchins, Principal Cordell Secondary School

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