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A Message from our New Secondary Principal, Nick Hutchins:

I am excited to begin my duties as the Principal of Cordell Junior High and High School. It will be my goal to continue the mission of, “educating all students through an unconditional commitment to quality and high standards”, but to take it to the next level through Character Education and, not accepting Failure as an Excuse. In Alan Blankstein’s award winning book, “Failure is not an Option”, he gave some important principles that guide student achievement in high performing schools. Those principles are built upon highly effective mission, vision, and goals, student achievement/recognition, collaboration, data driven decisions, active engagement from family and community, and building sustainable leadership in our entire school. I hope to impress on each of these and to work diligently promoting each principle.

In addition, it will be my goal to look for the strengths and positive things in our faculty, staff, community stakeholders, and especially, our students. If we go looking for weaknesses, we are surely to find them. Everyone in Cordell has great things to bring to the table!!Whether it be preparing students for college, military, civilian sector, or other opportunities, my goal is for the graduating students be able to reflect on the great education, as well as great teachers from Cordell Secondary School that prepared them for the future!

I hold a sense of pride in who and what we represent. We (from the top to the bottom of our entire school team) must be responsible, accountable, and professional individuals in order to make a difference in our school atmosphere as well as in the public’s eye. We must set the example! We must do what is right! By this, my goal is to develop a school of Great Character and to make this school a visible School of Character not only in the State of Oklahoma, but in the United States as well. This success will depend on the solid foundation of all stakeholders working together to reach this goal.

I thank the Superintendent and Cordell School District Board for giving me this golden opportunity to make a difference in our student’s future by our entire leadership team effectively preparing its students for the future toward the unconditional commitment to quality and high standards…Still, No Excuses!

-Nick Hutchins, Ed. D. (ABD)

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