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Terry McKee

5th Grade ELA 2015-2016


Fifth graders at Cordell Elementary will be taught proper keyboarding skills, technique and Word. We have use of the computer lab daily, so they will be able to type for at least 15 minutes every day. This is a very important skill that will be beneficial in all aspects of education in the future.

Fifth graders will be taught at least two novels throughout the course of the year; the first one being WONDER, and the second one is   SHILOH.   Students will be presented new vocabulary words relating to each novel, and be tested on their comprehension and opinion of both novels as well.

Students have the opportunity to respond to a journal prompt daily. Their spiral notebook is used to write their responses and to cherish for a life time.


Once the writing test is completed, we will continue to learn Reading concepts to prepare for the Reading test in April.



Terry McKee

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