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Vickie Hull

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Fifth Hour-1:15-1:50

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Stem Bldg.

About Me

Educational History:


  • Grades 1-12-Cordell Public Schools
  • Bachelor of Science-Southwestern Oklahoma State University
  • Masters of Education-Southwestern Oklahoma State University

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science-Business Education, Health and Physical Education

Masters of Education-Elementary Education with an endorsement in Language Arts


Current Position:

7th and 8th Grade Language Arts


1972-1977--Sooner Rose Elementary, Midwest City, OK--4th and 6th Grades

1978-1982--Harrah Middle School, Harrah, OK--7th Grade English, 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade Girls’ Basketball and Track

1983-2002--Weatherford Middle School, Weatherford, OK--7th Grade Language Arts, Yearbook, Newspaper, Academic Coach, Student Council Sponsor, Keyboarding

2003-2004--CableVision, Weatherford, OK--Graphic Designer

2005-2007--Holt, Rinehart, and Winston Publishing, Oklahoma City, OK--Sales Representative

2008-Present--Cordell Junior High, Cordell, OK--7th and 8th Grade Language Arts

*1992-2002--Upward Bound, SWOSU, Weatherford, OK--Instructor

*1995-2005--EE Productions, Home-based Videography Business

*out of chronological order



Previous Position:

Professional Experiences:

In the fall of 1972, I began teaching at Sooner-Rose Elementary in Del City, Oklahoma.  Five years later, I accepted a position in Harrah, Oklahoma, teaching middle school language arts and coaching girls’ basketball and track.  In 1983, we moved to Weatherford where I spent the next nineteen years teaching language arts, coaching academic teams, and sponsoring student council.

In 2004, I moved to Cordell to assist my family in caring for the needs of our aging mother.  During this time, I also worked part time as a textbook representative for Holt Educational Publishing.

From 1995 to 2005, my son Les and I owned a videography company, EE Productions, where my love for technology expanded to include business documentaries, video yearbooks, and wedding as well as memorial videos.  Our assignments took us from every corner of Oklahoma to Texas, Nevada, Colorado, and even as far as the Bahamas.

Then in the fall of 2008, I returned to my alma mater (CHS). Initially, I taught language arts and social studies, but currently, I teach only 7th and 8th grade language arts where I emphasize the use of technology on a daily basis.  I have been honored to be in the classroom over four decades in four different schools, and to date, I have received the title of Teacher of the Year six times.

Family Information:

The Hull family, established in 1969, brought together two former Cordell graduates—Alan Hull and Vickie Atkinson.  Eleven years later, the family was blessed with a son (Les), and after two more years, the family was made complete with the birth of another son (Richie). 

Today, we enjoy the company of  our sons and their wives and our four beautiful grandchildren.  (Cooper, Hudson, Annaka, and Mieka)  Whether we’re watching the boys play soccer, football, or basketball or watching the girls compete in gymnastics or artistic endeavors, we are definitely experiencing “the best of times.”  

Personal Information:

When I received my CHS diploma in 1968, I was filled with excitement, for I knew I wanted to go to SWOSU and major in education. What I did not know nor what I could never have imagined was that it would become the opening chapter of what is now my full-circle story.

Although my journey has included several stops:  a 4th grade classroom in Midwest City, an 7th grade English class in Harrah, a 7th grade honors English class in Weatherford, and even an instructor with the Upward Bound program on the SWOSU campus, my heart has always been most at home here in Cordell. 

To some, four decades in the classroom might sound like a long time, but for me, the excitement continues to build.  Each year introduces me to new technologies, new teaching strategies, and new students.  Born and raised in Cordell, I consider it a privilege to share my love for learning with the community that first inspired it. 

As a language arts teacher and STEM instructor, I am in a unique position to lead my students through challenging and uncharted territory. As we examine lessons of the past and utilize present-day tools, I hope to assist them in forging a future filled with unlimited possibilities. 

When students cross the threshold into my classroom, they enter “Writingwood,” a place where they are encouraged to explore, explain, and exercise their individual voices.  Through reading and writing, my students come to realize their own abilities to craft, revise, edit, and produce final drafts that are worthy of the spotlight.  When their ideas evolve into words that shine with strength, we celebrate their “star” status. 

The brilliance of each student is captured best when they embrace the traits that empower our school community:








        (Welcome to Mrs. Hull’s room aka “Writingwood” where there’s a “Hull” lot of learning going on! )


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Classroom Number:
Stem Bldg.
School Phone:
Conference Time:
Fifth Hour-1:15-1:50