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Rules & Procedures

Mr. Ogle's Rules and Procedures

1) Entering the classroom.

*Get a drink and use the restroom before class starts.

*Get prepared for class.  Turn in your homework, get out your books, paper, and pencils (be sure it is sharpened).

2) Class work.

*Listen carefully, follow directions, work quietly, and ASK QUESTIONS. 

Complete all assignments and turn in on time.

3) Grades.

*Daily work will consist of vocabulary, quizzes, and other classroom assignments.

--late assignments can be one day late for 60% of the grade.  Only three late assignments allowed per semester.

--35% of your grade.

*Student planner.

--student planners will be checked and reviewed by me, once a week.

--5% of your grade.


--quizzes will also count as a test score.  There also will be additional tests during the grading period.

--60% of your grade.

4) Do Not Disrupt In The Classroom!  Disruption will not be tolerated.  Disruption only interferes with the teaching and the learning process at work in the classroom.

*Infractions of this rule will be handled by

--verbal warning

--additional assignments

-sent to the office/detention

5) Tardies

*If a student leaves the room after the tardy (bell to go the bathroom, get a drink, retrieve forgotten class materials, etc.), that student will recieve a tardy.  A student will receive three free tardies per semester.  After receiving three tardies, the student will be sent to the office for an unexcused tardy.

--3 unexcuxed tardies=1 unexcused absence & 1 day detention

--5 unexcused tardies=2 unexcused absences & 2 days detention

--7 unexcused tardies=loss of credit in that class & 3 days detention

6) Respect for students, school teachers, staff and yourself!

*Treat others as you want to be treated.  Clean up after yourself in the classroom, student center, and cafeteria.  Be responsible for your own behavior!

*Most importantly, I have high expectations for each student.  The student must come into this classroom with a positive attitude, willingness to work, and high expectations for themselves!

**I am available for help before school, after school, and during Encore.