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Mrs. Regier’s 5th Grade Math Classroom


In 5th grade math, students will sharpen their mathematical skills by engaging in activities of problem-solving, computation, representation, reasoning, graphing, and real-world applications.  Students will identify, extend, and compare the value of numbers.  They will manipulate whole numbers, decimals, and fractions.  They will also use algebraic expressions to solve problems.  Students will represent and interpret data on line plots, frequency tables, bar graphs, line graphs, circle graphs, and use probability to make predictions.  For measurement and geometry, students will manipulate measurements in the customary and metric systems, identify and classify geometric shapes, and measure perimeter, area, and volume. 

We will use MacMillan-McGraw Hill’s Math Connects curriculum, and on the computer we will use Study Island and Accelerated Math.  Students will have a variety of tasks—pencil/paper, computerized, hands-on, homework, quizzes, vocabulary, and tests.  We will also work in a variety of ways—individually, with partners, in small table groups, and in the whole group.  Tutoring in small groups will be provided as needed.

Daily scores are worth 40% of the total grade; tests/quizzes are worth 60% to complete the total grade.  The grading scale is 100-90 for an A, 89-80 for a B, 79-70 for a C, 69-60 for a D, and below 60 for an F.  Grades will be recorded in my gradebook and then transferred to the computer gradebook.  Progress reports and grade cards will be distributed at the district-assigned times.

Students are expected to check with me regarding any missed work in math class.  They will have the same number of days to complete the work for the number of days absent.  They will receive 50% credit on work one day late and a zero on any work turned in after that.

Students that violate rules/policies will first be warned; secondly will have a conference with the teacher; third will have a phone call/note to parent; and fourth will receive a disciplinary referral to the administration.  Severe discipline problems will be referred directly to an administrator.

Communication between parents and school officials is always open.  Phone calls, notes/letters, emails, and conferences may be used as needed.  My email is and my phone number is 580-832-3420x428.


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