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A group of dinosaurs are happily playing in the school yard when . . . oh no! Here comes the Mine-o-saur! He snatches all the toys. He grabs all the snacks at snack time. He hoards the blocks during recess. And all the while he yells, "MINE, MINE, MINE!" But soon enough, no one wants to play with him. What will it take for the Mine-o-saur to realize that what he really wants are friends? And then, will the other dinosaurs ever welcome him back?


How do you keep a crowd of energetic young penguins entertained? Put on a play, perhaps? But will they pay attention through an entire performance? If Tacky’s center stage, they might. Even dressed up in his flowing blond wig and little red “skipping shoes,” everyone’s favorite misfit penguin imbues the character of Goldilocks with his own indomitable personality and style. So what if the set is in shambles? This is one performance Mrs. Beakly’s students won’t soon forget.

Junie B. Jones is a first grader and in this story everyone is getting sick and her class is having a problem with it they all plug their noses because a kid name Roger threw up and Junie B's. class thinks that they would get all his germs up their noses so they have to eat lunch with their noses plugged and that's hard so finally they unplug their noses and they feel much better after that their nurse comes to their classroom and talks to them about VIRUSES after they talked about that Junie B's class finds out that they will be in a play!!!Mr.Scary said that the play will be about Christopher Columbus and that for their homework they would have to find some facts about him to go in the play.Junie finds 18 facts and in the play she is a ship.