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Academic Team

Cordell Academic Team

Coach: Mrs. Ray

Mission: Excellence, Integrity and Respect


Junior High

2017-18 SCHEDULE

September 20 9:30am @ Hobart Church of Christ

October 25 9:30am @ Hobart Church of Christ

February 16 Awards Banquet



High School

2017-18 SCHEDULE

October 4 9:30am @ Carnegie Church of the Nazarene 

November 1 9:30am @ Carnegie Church of the Nazarene

October 16 District Meet @ Frederick High School

November 11 Regional Meet

January 13 Area Meet

February 3 State Meet


What is Academic Team?

Academic Team is a team competition that is played with four players at a time. Students buzz in if they know the answer to trivia type questions from a variety of topics (mythology, presidents, landmarks, current events, biology, literature, etc). Competitions are held at the conference, district, area, regional and state levels throughout the school year.


Who can participate in Academic Team?

Any interested student in grades 7-9 and 10-12 may tryout for the team. Students take a written test taken from past season's questions. Top scorers are asked to return for a buzzer round. Cumulative scores from written and buzzer rounds are used to determine the team members. Academic Team members must meet all eligibility requirements sanctioned by OSSAA.



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